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  • Be sure to read the store rules and public offer.
  • Read the detailed descriptions of the accounts. A detailed description opens when you click on the type of required accounts.
  • Latest news and discounts - in our chat Telegram.

User Identification Methods

User identification methods used by social networks and which can be used by any websites, in general, are the following:
Browser information:
-UserAgent and navigator settings. This is a text line used by client applications (in our case it is the browser) as their name. It includes several components.
-Screen resolution and visible area.
-Plugin set.
-Other changeable parameters.
-Web storage
-Web cookies, LSO Cookies, Evercookies
-HTTP Strict Transport Security
-History API

Link-type and location:

IP address (Proxy)
-Domain Name System

-Fingerprint Canvas
-Browser Fingerprint
-AudioContext Fingerprint
-Fonts Fingerprint

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