What are the benefits of Google Voice account?

Google Voice account is a free call service of Google. Sometimes, People can be really enthusiastic-about free things This is why people are also interested in the google voice account. But they don’t know about the perks or pros of Google voice account. Google Voice account has its perks alongside giving free call service. Google voice can provide you tons of service which you won’t find from any other company. It also has a brand tag of Google, which is providing our quality service through the search engine, mail, and other things for years. So, it will be surely a great choice to choose a Google voice account as your calling service.

Now, we will discuss the benefits of Google voice account below:

Free Number

You can have a free number in Google voice. You can choose your number or create one for yourself in Google voice. You also won’t need to pay for doing so. Unlike all the SIM operators and other calling apps, Google voice doesn’t charge you for providing the number. They provide it without any cost. This is one of the first benefits of using Google voice account.

Reliable caller ID

Caller id is a very private thing for us. We need to get a reliable one for our day to day calling. Reliable caller id can ease the calling for you. Google Voice uses your personal id as caller id, which you need to set on your phone on the first place and permit them to use it. Because of it, you can get the most reliable caller id to make your calls daily. You don’t need to face any issues regarding caller id when you are using Google voice account.

HD Audio Quality

Most of the calling apps won’t ensure giving HD quality audio. But only Google voice account can make sure that. They always provide HD audio quality to their users. This is why people can listen to each and every word clearly through a Google voice calling. People all over the world are a fan of its audio quality. The clear bass and sound make it look like we are talking from the same place by sitting with each other. Audio quality is another reason why people have a craze for Google voice.

User Support

Google Voice account will ensure the most satisfying user support. They don’t forget their users after getting them. They try to get feedback on each and every user. They try to solve the issues of the user if they are facing any. They try their best to support the user all the time. So, they can enjoy the service of the Google voice account. You can get their support anytime you want. They are ready to provide you their service 24/7. They will also take your valuable suggestions. Moreover, they will always be at your side.


Google Voice account is not only a calling app. It also provides the benefits of sending messages. You can send messages to anyone in any place in the world. It won’t cost you single money. You can send as much SMS as you want to send. Their SMS service is pretty good. You will be notified about the message right on the time when it will be received. No delay will happen, unlike the other calling apps. The inbox is also very stylish. You can end emoji from the Google voice inbox. Moreover, you will have a great time doing messages on Google voice account.


You can send voicemail to the person you want. Voicemail service on Google’s voice is incredible. You will be satisfied with their voicemail service. They provide top-quality voice mail service to their users. You can send voicemails from any place in the world to any place in the world. You can send it whenever you want. It is free of cost. So, you won’t need to think about anything before sending any voicemail. When someone won’t pick your calls or won’t reply to your messages, you can send them a voicemail. It can be very helpful in times like this. Google voice has the most convenient voicemail service on the internet.

Conferencing Calls

At various times, we want to talk with two or three people at the same time. You can do three calls at the same time in Google voice. It has a facility named “Conferencing Calls” on the app. By using this one, you can do talking with more than one person at the same time. You and your friends can wish someone together on their birthday at the same time. Many other calling apps don’t even have this system. But Google Voice has it, and they can provide high-quality conferencing calls without creating any errors and dropping calls.


Finally, privacy is the last and best thing that Google voice can provide. Google voice will ensure the highest level of security of each and every data, call history, media, inbox, etc. It will not leak any of your personal information or contents to anyone. They are very strict on this issue. They don’t make any compromise with the privacy of their service. They always try and work their best to keep their reputation good like always. They can ensure better privacy than all other calling apps in the world. People are fond of the securities and privacies of the Google voice. So, you can be assured of its privacy.

These are all the benefits of a Google voice account. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed once you start using Google Voice. You will be amazed to see its features. You will get addicted to it day by day once you start using it. Google voice has all the features to be your favorite. So, if you are not using it already, then make haste and download it from Google play store and install it on your phone as soon as possible to witness the best calling service.

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